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As of 9/1/17, we began migrating our system to the cloud, which has caused a few interruptions in our webserver in Lakewood. Because of this, we have created this temporary page for our clients to place orders. 

If you are not a current client, please click here to complete our new user registration form. 

We are looking forward to rolling out our new system this fall, but in the meantime - we appreciate your patience as we make the transition

Since 1997, our company has been providing quality public records retrieval and investigative services to Colorado's legal community. Our office is located just blocks from the State DMV central office, which gives us the best access to the records you need for your case. 

Our staff of licensed investigators and trained records researchers can assist you with locating and obtaining anything that is available through normal public records channels. And our convenient ordering system allows you to be a little off on the date, time, jurisdiction - and we typically don't even need the agency's report number.