Accident Reports

Colorado's DMV Main Office in Lakewood is the state's central repository for all accident reports. Annually, the DMV receives over 300,000 reports! 

Did your accident happen in another state? We can help track down reports in other jurisdictions as well. 

Did you know law enforcement officers are not normally required to complete a report for accidents that occurred on private property (such as a grocery store parking lot)? In those cases, you must locate a counter report.


Tip: Accident reports are generally available sooner when ordered through the responding agency's records department - typically within a couple of weeks. To order a report directly from the agency, select "PD Accident Report - Initial".

Note that supplemental accident reports are not released by the agency until the associated criminal case has been adjudicated. But the initial report will be available sooner.  

Tip: The reports available at DMV do not include photos, witness statements, 911 audio, supplemental reports or investigative notes. These items must be obtained directly from the responding agency. If you need them, we recommend ordering the "PD Accident Report/Obtain All" 



Accident Reports

Under Colorado law, law enforcement agencies are required to send a copy of the initial accident report to DMV. From the date of the accident, the report is usually available in about six weeks.