The MVR: The First Step In Any Investigation

If you're looking for someone, need to check for assets or obtain background information, the MVR is the place to start. From verifying their true name - to uncovering clues about their whereabouts or activities, the MVR points to many areas of interest. 

Chris Bray, licensed PI and owner of CoMVRs, says, "In my 30+ years as a PI, I rarely start an investigation of any type without a person's MVR. It tells me exactly who I'm looking for and where they've been. It is the foundation of any endeavor. I don't start an investigation without one.

Driving Records 

Driving records (MVRs) provide a person's complete legal name, birth date, address of record, license (or ID Card) status - plus any endorsements, actions or citations associated with the license. Colorado MVRs can list a 7-year history or a lifetime history. Certified (self-officiating) records are also available. 

Tip: A Lifetime MVR (or "full record, as DMV refers to it) will reveal all citations and actions on a person's record, beginning with their first license in Colorado.  

Tip: A copy of the driver's application will often reveal a previous license held in another state. 

Tip: A Minor Affidavit (also known as a Financial Affidavit) will reveal the identity of a young driver's parents.  

Tip: Does the MVR indicate an accident associated with a citation? Order an accident report from us to unlock additional clues. 

Tip: Does the MVR show a DUI case? Order the "DUI/EC Packet" for details surrounding that arrest.