Experience Matters. 

Chris Bray, owner of CoMVRs, is a licensed private investigator (CO PI #2-364) with over 30 years of experience. All of our employees are licensed and bonded. 

We also offer bilingual services. If you have a need for a bilingual investigator to interview witnesses - or simply communicate with your client or other interested parties, we can assist. 

Our network of licensed investigators spans the entire state and beyond. 


Simple Asset: For an affordable flat fee, we provide you with a first glance at a subject's financial picture, using a combination of public records, investigative databases and proprietary resources. We check for real property, businesses and vehicles. A great product for cases involving under-insured defendants. 

Simple Background: We check your subject's driving record, criminal history and arrest record here in Colorado. We also provide a history of addresses to identify other jurisdictions outside of Colorado. Additionally, we search your subject through a national database of criminal records.

Simple Skip/Locate: Have a witness, client or defendant that you can't seem to find? Use this flat fee service - which finds 85% of your "missing persons". Caution - this service is not recommended for subjects that are actively hiding or avoiding. For difficult locates, please contact us to discuss an appropriate budget. 



Investigative Services

From a simple skip trace to a complete investigation, we have the experience and resources to help you litigate your case. In addition to offering our licensed services for an hourly rate, we also offer cost-effective flat-rate investigative services