Tip: Don't forget to look for trailers. They are often indications of other assets, like boats.  

Tip: Don't exclude expired registrations. A vintage show car might not be currently registered, but it's still an asset. Remember - there's a difference between ownership and registration

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Vehicle Records

​​Vehicle registrations provide the address of the registered owners. They also provide purchase date and the names of additional owners. 

Why Vehicles Matter

While an MVR is a great place to start, a list of your subject's vehicles can produce more current info. While a license is only renewed every five years - a vehicle registration is renewed annually.

In a personal injury case, determining the true ownership of a vehicle can often lead to additional defendants. Don't assume that the At Fault Driver is the registered owner of the vehicle, just because the responding officer checked the box "Same As Driver" on the accident report. Verify the ownership and see if there are co-registrants.